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Tól EUR 55


The experience is an adrenaline bomb that you just cannot miss! Since June 2012, adrenalin enthusiasts can enjoy one of the biggest 
Zip–line parks in Europe and by far the biggest one in Slovenia, stretching above Bovec valley, between Kanin and Rombon. 

Zip-line drop offers more than just adrenaline rush. The view over the Julian Alps, our emerald river Isonzo, Koritnica river, and
Bovec valley is indescribable. The adventure in whole is breathtaking.

Tól EUR 55

Foglalj most!

The adventure begins at our office in central town Bovec, where you get all necessary equipment, including 
climbing belt, helmet, and gloves. Following, is a 20-minute exciting drive in our 4X4 vehicles that will take you to Krnica 
valley, first Zip-line point. Once there, the tourist guide will advise you on all the rules you need to follow, explain 
the basics, and hook you up on the steel wire using special safety belt making sure you are safe and ready to fly. 
The drop down five steel wires is 3km long and approximately 200 m above ground. While dropping, you can reach a 
velocity of 60km/h. The adventure ends about 300m lower, slightly above Kanin's gondola lift B station. 

The adventure takes at least 3 hours, we highly recommend you wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes.

Zip lining is an adrenaline drop down steel wires that connect two points. The length between the wires varies. Our wires are
between 550 and 700 m long. Your tourist guide safely fastens you on the pulley using security belt and you are good to go, 
feeling free like a bird. 


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